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Meet The Team

Meet the team that can help you reset your debt. They are experts in debt solutions & guide people in a similar situation to you every day.

    Natalie Cummiskey

    Assistant Manager
    Having worked in this area for a number of years, Natalie understands how overwhelming struggling with debt can feel, and can help you find a route forward.

    Hazel Cann

    Hazel's role is to oversee the advice process. She is one of the most experienced members of the team and was one of the first approved DAS advisers in Scotland.

    Grant Morrison

    Assistant Manager
    When you speak to Grant, he will work with you to establish what the best advice for your situation is, and will help you find a way forward.
  • Gillian Ayton

    Gillian ensures all advice being given to individuals is of the highest standard. She prides herself on helping people out of what can seem like hopeless situations.
  • Callum McGeady

    Callum works in our advice team. Callum is an excellent listener, and puts a real focus on understanding the complexities of each individual’s financial situation.

    Leanne Downie

    Leanne has worked in the financial industry for years, and prides herself on having a real attention to detail. Her goal is to help you understand the options available to you, so you can make an informed decision about your financial situation.

    Lewis Foreman

    Lewis helps people in financial difficulty regain control, by letting them know all the options available to them. Lewis puts a real focus on helping people get their lives back on track, and enjoys seeing how the work we do affects people in a positive way.

    Stephen Sweeney

    If you’re struggling with debt, Stephen will help you to understand the available options. Stephen knows that each individual’s situation is different and puts a real focus on providing personalised advice.

    Chris Kelly

    If you’ve found yourself in a difficult financial situation, Chris is here for you. When you call Chris, he will take the time to understand your full financial situation, and advise on all the solutions available.

    Chris Malloch

    The Cleanslate business is led by two directors - Chris and Lynne. Chris's primary objective is ensuring our team provide high quality and ethical advice. This focus is an example of how we deliver on one of our core values of doing the right thing.

    Lynne Flower

    Lynne has responsibility for all operational aspects of the Cleanslate business. Lynne is a Chartered Accountant and a licensed Insolvency Practitioner and could act as a your Trustee in a trust deed or sequestration.

    Blair Nimmo

    CEO - Interpath Advisory
    Blair is CEO of Interpath Advisory. Blair has over 30 years of experience advising both companies and individuals facing financial difficulty. Blair is a Chartered Accountant and a licensed Insolvency Practitioner and could act as your Trustee in a trust deed or sequestration.