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Why trust Cleanslate?

Want to know more about Cleanslate? Find out why our team has already been trusted by thousands across Scotland below.

Why trust Cleanslate?

About Cleanslate

The path that leads to our door can sometimes be taken reluctantly by those in debt. We know financial difficulties can themselves be difficult to talk about. But when you speak to us, we aim to put your mind at ease. We can show you that this is a golden opportunity to turn things around.

You can take comfort in our proven methods, track record, and satisfied clients. Our experienced team has helped thousands to get back on track with their finances. Contacting us can help you feel optimistic, perhaps for the first time in a while.

We work with you to set practical and achievable goals. We never judge what's come before, only help guide where you're going. Once you have a plan in place to deal with your debt, you'll feel like you've started anew. You've reset.

Our advisers are available 6 days a week. 

When you make the decision to act on your problems, we know you want to speak to someone right away. That's why we're available 6 days a week by phone, email or SMS. We can also give you access to our Cleanslate Messenger app which allows you to chat online with us at times when it's not convenient for you to speak on the phone. 

We're part of something bigger.

We're part of Interpath Ltd - the largest independent top tier restructuring and turnaround business in the UK. Our wider organisation is trusted by some of the biggest companies around. 

We’ll be with you every step of the way

To access a debt solution such as the Debt Arrangement Scheme, a protected trust deed or bankruptcy, you will need to seek help from an approved money adviser.

Over the years our team has provided training to, and worked closely with, many of the free advice agencies listed by the Money Advice Service.

We know your circumstances are unique to you, so that’s why we provide access to the Debt Arrangement Scheme, a protected trust deed and full administration bankruptcy in Scotland, helping you to choose the solution which suits you best.

Unlike other companies who are either set up just to provide initial advice, or who only administer a limited range of debt solutions, coming direct to Cleanslate could save you time and effort because you only need to deal with one organisation. From your first phone call to your last payment in your chosen debt solution, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

It’s time for Cleanslate